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Welcome to the PCHM Swim Team!


  • Before school is out, 10 and under will practice from 5:00-6:00 pm, and 11 and up will practice 6:00-7:00 pm. Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday.
  • After school ends, morning practices for 10 and under will be 9-10 am, and 11 and up will be 10-11 am. Afternoon practices for 10 and under will be 6:00-6:45 pm, and 11 and up will be 6:45-7:30 pm.
  • Starting Thursday, May 23rd, we will have meets instead of afternoon practices on Thursdays. Visit the Meets and Events page for the season's meet schedule. Locations will be announced later.

We will no longer be offering our Guppies program, so Sharks registration is open to ages 4-18. However, children who have never swam competitively or are 6 and under will have a swim evaluation with the coaches at the beginning of the season. We will provide details about that soon!

Fins Up. 

Your SAIL reps,

Cherish Benton, Lisa Fronczak, and Rebecca Leonard

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Pool Membership Requirement


You do not have to live in Pebble Creek or Half Mile Lake to join the PCHM Swim team. We would love to have your child join our team regardless of where you live! Per SAIL rules, you do have to be a member of one of the member pools. If you are not a Half Mile Lake Pool resident, you must join Pebble Creek Swim Club. More info about joining: www.pcswimclub.net.

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We cannot run a meet without our volunteers! This year, we ask that each swimmer have at least one family member volunteer at each meet. Over the years, we've had the same family members volunteer for both halves of the meet. 

Timing is EASY. Being a runner is EASY. Please volunteer to help our team.

Not sure what position is right for you? Reach out to Laura Fee for help and guidance. She will be proactively contacting you based on your past experience. She is also looking for volunteers to shadow seasoned parents to learn the ropes. 

PCHM is in the Green Division

Certification Information:


How many officials does it take to run a meet?

  • 18 Timers (simple online certification required)
  • 6 Recording Timers
  • 2 Chief Timers
  • 1 Computer Operator
  • 1 Computer Assistant
  • 6 Stroke and Turn Judges
  • 1 Starter
  • 1 Referee
  • 4 Clerk-of-Course
  • 2 Records & Ribbons Officials
  • 2 Runners
  • 4 Tent Parents
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