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Practice Policies

PCHM Team Practice Policies

  1.  Swimmers shall respect and show courtesy to their teammates and coaches at all times.
  2. If a parent /swimmer has a problem with a coach, it is their responsibility to communicate the problem with that coach. If the problem escalates or can’t be resolved in this manner, the parent/ swimmer is to take the issue up with their SAIL rep, who will help to resolve any issues.
  3. Be on time. Be ready to get in the water on time for practice and meet warm-ups. Be prepared to swim. Have your equipment ready. Bring extra caps and goggles
  4. Be respectful of your teammate’s feelings and personal space. Swimmers who exhibit sexist, racist or inappropriate behavior towards another person will be excused from the practice or meet and will be subject to a disciplinary process as determined by the head coach depending on the severity of the infraction. Any coach at any time has authority to ask a swimmer to exit the pool for disciplinary reasons.
  5. No dunking, foul language, hanging on lane lines, splashing, spitting, hitting, trash talking, belittling or any other behavior deemed as horseplay is allowed in a practice venue or meet venue.
  6. Swimmers are expected to exhibit good sportsmanship at practice and meets.
  7. Swimmers and Parents shall not ever confront an official or stoke and turn judge at a meet about a disqualification. This is the coach’s responsibility. Swimmers and parents will be respectful and courteous to meet volunteers at all times. If you have a problem, come get your coach.
  8. Swimmers who are ill must tell their coach before entering the water.
  9. A swimmer who is injured at practice or a meet must report this to their coach immediately following an injury.
  10. Swimmers are responsible for checking in, checking postings, and heat and lane assignments, reporting to their coach and for being behind their block prior to their race. 
  11. Swimmers must be at practice a minimum of two days during the week before a meet. A coach has the right to scratch a swimmer from a meet if the swimmer has not been excused for their absences prior to the meet.
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